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Dear Kids 4 Drama students and families,

This is a very important newsletter and we would appreciate you taking the time to read through it and email back any questions or concerns. We are required to provide the following information under the red traffic light framework in order to operate our classes and production safely.

There is no question, this year has been a challenging one. Thank you to everyone for their incredible support and belief in what we do, it has been so appreciated from our end.

Throughout our Country's fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, our priority has always and will continue to be, the health and safety of our students, staff and families. Kids 4 Drama has worked hard to follow all Ministry of Health guidelines along with WorkSafe best practices and our own guiding principles as a drama school that has now operated for 30 years.

Classes This Week: Remain on zoom as usual.

Classes on 8,9 and 15,16 December: Will operate in person with the framework outlined below but with all classes operating at the Blockhouse Bay Community Centre on both Wednesdays and Thursdays not the Primary School. This will be reassessed by February 2022. This is to keep our bubble clear of the Primary School bubble especially straight after school. The Addams Family Rehearsal on the 16th will move up to the Primary School at 6pm and the pick up that night will be from the school, this is the only exception.

Addams Family Rehearsals: Please see your schedule that has been sent out and is on Basecamp as this outlines the different venues for each rehearsal. Note Dec 18-21 is at Marist College.

Covid-19 Protection Framework with Kids 4 Drama:

Kids 4 Drama is committed to working within the Covid-19 Protection Framework, currently known as a traffic light system to operate in the best and safest way for our students, staff and families. Please appreciate the rules around each setting can change at any point so we need to be reactive to each change as quickly as possible.

Vaccination mandate for Kids 4 Drama:

Kids 4 Drama at all times has a responsibility and duty of care to ensure the safety and well-being of our people as well as meeting the requirements set out by the venues that we hire. This includes our students who are aged under 12 years who cannot be vaccinated and any immune compromised members of our group. Assessing all risks and meeting the requirements from our venues, we will from the 8th of December only open our in person classes and rehearsals to those with a vaccination certificate or those under 12 years. We will require proof of vaccination by way of the Vaccination Pass or any other approved method set out by the Ministry of Health. We will require this at your first physical return to drama and will record this to save you having to present it each time. This will be updated/re checked at the start of each term.

This requirement to be vaccinated is a requirement of the venues we hire to gain entry, therefore it will apply to:

* All Kids 4 Drama staff and volunteers

* Students aged 12 years and older (eligible for vaccinations in NZ)

* Parents/Caregivers who wish to enter the physical premises. (not required for outside pick up)

* All Cast, Band, Crew involved in our productions

* All Audience members attending a production

Remainder of 2021: If you do not feel comfortable returning in person this year, or will not be vaccinated in time for a pass to be issued, then we will offer one combined weekly class on Zoom for the 8th and 15th of December for any age to join in at 4.30pm with Stephen. Please email [email protected] to register for this zoom session.

We hope the above provides some clarity. Please ensure you have your vaccination pass ready for your first physical return to Kids 4 Drama as we must enforce this immediately due to the venue requirements. The fines set by the government should we breach the traffic light system rules would mean Kids 4 Drama would stop operating. So please respect the rules in place, they are for everyone's best interests.

We will continue to update you on any changes required by the Government as we all embark on this new journey.

We appreciate this news may not be ideal for everyone, please understand we are following clear guidelines and are happy to discuss any concerns with you or your child.

Best wishes,

Stephen, Miriam, Taylor 


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